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Life Insurance

You work hard to keep your family happy, healthy and secure. But have you considered how they would cope if you were to die or become terminally ill? 


Without the income you provide, your family could struggle to pay day-to-day living expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, school fees, utility bills, and even the basics like food and clothing. They might even be forced to sell the car or family home just to get by.


That's why life insurance is so important - it could help secure your family’s financial future, even if you're no longer around to help.

When deciding how much life cover you want, think about:


  • All your debts

  • Your children's future childcare and education costs

  • How much income your family will need to live comfortably


Life cover is 'guaranteed renewable', meaning it will generally only stop if you stop paying for it. It will continue even if you suffer an illness or injury, which would otherwise prevent you from taking out life cover.

Think about what you want to cover.

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